5 + 8 Freelance Work

project overview


Beginning in early August, I was approached by a mentor of mine, Adam Faust – one of the partners of design agency 5 + 8 – with an offer for some freelance work involving the creation of social media post assets for local businesses. Once created, the files are then handed off to other 5 + 8 staff members through Basecamp, a project content management application, who in turn hand the files off for approval from the clients. Assignments are handed to me through this same application, with specific dates for certain image assets along with the occasional size requirements and theme suggestions.


Given that these images are intended for the social media accounts of local businesses (currently only Papa John’s and Genghis Grill Houston locations), sometimes the posts are less focused on business promotions and instead come in the form of interesting gifs or funny memes, or both. Not all of the assets created end up being used however, since while some might meet the approval of the staff of 5 + 8, it is ultimately the decision of the social media account managers which ones end up getting used.