College of the Arts Branding Proposal



The College of the Arts was a newly created college within the University of Houston's umbrella of colleges, and they wanted to brand themselves with an identity for the college that set it apart from but also integrated it with the UH brand. So they reached out to the design department within the University of Houston's School of Art for a few proposals.

This was to be more than just a logo and some brochures. This proposal needed to be bold and take a direction that encompassed the physical space the schools within the college occupied.


This branding proposal for the College of the Arts included the logo, environmental and directional signage and graphics, typographic and photographic treatments, as well as a proposal for the grove that would be a physical and metaphorical connection point for the college's various disciplines.

The concept for the proposal came from the idea that the arts is an ever shifting, ever changing, nebulous force of nature that comes and goes through all sorts of directions and changes. The arts serve all kinds of people in various ways, but though each discipline is vastly different from one another, they are united in their principles, allowing the college to stand strong and united.