Emancipation Economic Development Council Identity



Since the early 2000's gentrification has really been ramping up in Houston's Third Ward. The EEDC, or the Emancipation Economic Development Council, began a partnership with the University of Houston's School of Architecture and Design and School of Art departments to create the Animating History project.

This was to raise awareness of the issue, as well as get people interested in and asking questions about EEDC, the Third Ward, and what they could do to help. 


A series of 23 map pins were designed as part of the collaboration, which were printed and placed out in the world. These pins visually captured the histories of the sites the sat on, and generated quite a bit of chatter as they were written about in HoustonPress and featured on PBS' Arts InSight.

A logo, brochure and poster also served as the proposal for the EEDC's identity. I preferred to allow the words to speak for themselves and instead of relying on imagery, contained the colors of rich history, growth, and the working class within a single shape to present the united front that the EEDC requires of the community in order to preserve the past before it is lost forever.