HTX NOW: A Kiosk Service for Walkable Cities



Almost a third of Americans don't know who their neighbors are, and two fifths also them claim that their neighborhoods are unwalkable, particularly in large cities. 

HTX NOW is a theoretical kiosk service company for the city of Houston that would operate from a selection of five kiosks located in various Houston neighborhoods to promote a more walkable city and encourage a more connected community that is truly cognizant of its culture and the people that live in it. 


This is the website meant to accompany the identity to encourage people to visit the kiosks and learn more about the places they're located. It is no longer live, however you can visit the site that documents the process of its coding

The website's overall colors come from the identity guidelines for the neighborhoods, with Downtown's magenta for its harmonious diversity, East End's goldenrod for the richness of the efforts to restore it, Heights' lime green form its lively, creative atmosphere, Midtown's seafoam for the parks and bars that serve to refresh after a long day, and finally Montrose's baby blue for the images of imagination and freedom that decorate the streets and buildings.

Each neighborhood has its own section which gives a bit of history and suggestions for places to visit, along with directions to the location of each kiosk so that visitors can see them out to properly explore Houston on foot.