Postmodern Paint Set: Vernacular Edition



To communicate the essence of one of the postmodern movements in graphic design while educating the viewer about the people behind it and the qualities of the art they created.

A paint set is a good way to display everything, using the swatchbook, wallpaper samples, brush wrap and container covers to effectively communicate this information.


This is a paint set that explores the nature of the vernacular postmodern movement in design which was a general break from the standardization that stemmed from the Bauhaus movement. The identity name, "Quirk it" is a kind of portmanteau of the phrase "twerk it" and the word "quirky", borrowing elements of both in the same way that the artists of the movement borrowed from the world around them.

Each component of the set is designed to highlight that practice of borrowing from the past by referencing the typography and illustrations of vernacular designers. Together, the pieces of the set convey the beauty of the unique nature that was vernacular design’s need to expand all possibilities.